New harp!

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    Andelin on #199115

    Meet the new addition to the family!  My awesome husband bought me a harpsicle for Christmas. I think her name is Angelica. 🙂  I tried to add a photo, couldnt get it to work.  🙁 I have a little sister now, so all I need is a big sister!  😉



    hearpe on #200818

    Got a new one myself- a Mikel Celtic Saffron 27.

    and testing.

    hearpe on #200912

    It was some kind of promotion- only $300 delivered and sitting there on ebay with time running down- Couldn’t let it slip away with Christmas money in my hands! The newer 27 not the wrestling match the bigger 34 is, but both are a bit weighty for their size-  it’s turning into a nice little practice harp with a bright sound. Haven’t named it yet….  maybe “rum harp”?  “scotchy?”

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