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    unknown-user on #166625

    Hi everybody!

    I’m a 23 and from Sweden and I found this video clip a few weeks ago and was blown
    away. Ever since that I’ve been completely obsessed about learning
    myself how to play the harp. It’s so bad that it has come to the extent that I can
    barely sleep, literally (I’m a little intense when I want to learn
    something new). I’m not new to music but i am however new to playing with both hands.
    I’m starting of with the piano because of the lack of harp teachers and
    harps in the north of Sweden and I’ve also read that it’s good to
    know before you start taking lessons. Is there any other things that I can
    work on like finger or coordination exercises etc, that I’m going to
    benefit from later on? Any other tips?

    I hope this is the right part of the forum to post in, 23 is considered young right?

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #166626

    You are young enough to learn and do well, maybe become an accomplished player, but you will have to move to where there is a good teacher, sorry to say, if there is no one near to you. If you study piano carefully, you will be able to translate it to the harp, and their are good videos on the mechanics of playing the piano. The big difference is that we have to close our fingers all the way into our hands when playing the string. Take a year or two to master piano as much as you can, and reading and understanding music theory and history, then move south. Or be a self-taught folk harper if you like.

    Indra Prabowo on #166627

    I’m afraid not. I’ve been taking harp lessons for almost two months and realized that playing harp demands rather different technique than on the piano.

    But of course there are lot of things you can gain from taking piano lessons. You can learn reading music, knowing composers and repertoires, theory but no technique. Especially for me, it keep entertaining me until I save enough money to buy my first harp!


    Seoid OC on #166628

    I’ve noticed some teachers (from the USA) offering online classes, if you have the technology required – maybe you could look into this?

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