My new harp!!!

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    Dwyn . on #111495

    I had a similarly nice experience at Virginia Harp Center-NJ a little over

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #111496

    So are you learning how to play it?

    unknown-user on #111497

    Thanks Barbara for those finger tips!

    I think we saw the same girl Dwyn. I believe it was Maryanne…. She was so helpful! She really had a great personality! I’m so lucky that a VHC was opened here in New jersey. I tried a few harps there, but I settled on that daphne. Everything pointed to it!

    To tell you the truth, I admire those little wheels at the front of the harp! It’s very nifty for moving the harp around the house without really lifting it! So many good things. I’m in love with my harp.

    However, I keep having nightmares about the harp and stairs…… I have about 15 stairs to get to my apartment. It makes me very nervous carrying the harp while on steps. I keep dreaming I’m going to drop it and see it fall. O_O It’s quite frightening… but i’m sure harpist use steps regularly, not by choice! :-) I guess I’ll be fine, I’ll just hold onto it for dear life…. haha

    Nelleke Kerkhoff on #111498

    Hey, Congrats, Christopher on your new harp!

    Sarah Mullen on #111499

    Hi Christopher.

    unknown-user on #111500

    Hi Christopher,

    Congats on your new harp, how exciting for you! I went a bit beserk myself when I finally got a harp that was right for me, so I know what you are feeling!

    Thanks for mentioning the your Daphne projecting a little more than the 85 – as they all vary so much don’t they – and often the opposite is what one expects. It’s good to keep up with all the variety of experiences out there.

    For blisters, I use micropore tape that you get from the pharmacy – its a thin surgical tape that breaths, and does not give a harsh sound like a bandage. It might be called something else in your “neck of the woods” but the pharmacy should be able to advise on it. I also use it when a blister begins to form when I’m practising.

    Hope this helps.


    PS. I like the crazy glue tip..have not heard that one before.

    barbara-low on #111501

    Christopher, my fabric bandage suggestion was for practicing only, and you should probably remove it when not playing so that any callous you might have won’t soften from moisture buildup. I liked the surgical tape and krazy glue idea.

    Dwyn . on #111502

    Yes, slowly but surely I’m learning to play it.

    Dwyn . on #111503

    Yes, it was Maryanne.

    unknown-user on #111504

    Welllll…… Harps must be heavier eh? My Salvi seems to want to kill me…. It’s so heavy! I didn’t think 60 pounds or so would be this difficult to move… but it is!

    So it seems I can’t /really/ carry it anywhere. I have a cart with 10 inch wheels with two straps holding the harp on(just got this cart), and now I can move it down the steps simply! but I can’t /really/ bring it back up…….. There seems to be these little “lip” ends on the steps, which makes it hard to roll the wheels over it.

    I don’t really have all that much might to pull it over these humps…. but at the same time, lifting it a whole step is REALLY difficult.

    Am I just weak? Or do other people have these same problems….

    unknown-user on #111505

    Hi Chris,

    No you are not weak! It is surprising when manoevering stairs, just how tricky it can be. I’ve had that problem with what you are describing, the lip on the edge of the stairs. I suppose that the wheel is just catching under the lip and making it more of a “pull” to get it up.

    Is sounds like your trolley one wheel each side, and not the triple wheel “stair climbing” type? If your trolley is single wheel, that would be very hard going! The triple wheel is much much easier for getting up stairs, the roll of the triple wheel gives a bit of momentum and there is less resistance. But similarly, the lip on the stair would still make it tricky, but not anywhere near as difficult.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #111506

    Hiya Curls,

    Try this link…..only they are really pricey, and the wheels don’t look that large to me.


    unknown-user on #111507

    Hey Briggs,

    Interesting! Thanks for that Briggs.

    I note they do not recommend that you use a trolley for any long flights of stairs. Good theory, but not always possible. I can understand the concern though, it may shudder and come off the trolley, or bump constantly on the way down and rattle the action loose……

    Before I bought a trolley, I used to carry mine up

    unknown-user on #111508

    Hmmm…. well, my mother went out and bought a cart while I was at work. It’s not an official “harp trolley” etc..

    Dwyn . on #111509

    How about getting a couple of long, fairly thick boards to lay on the stairs, so you could just roll the harp down.

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