My new harp!!!

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    unknown-user on #111480

    Hi everyone!

    Just want to share my new harp details/experience!

    I went to the Virginia Harp Center in Haddonfield, NJ today, and purchased a Salvi Daphne 40. I chose this one over the L&H 85p, because it actually projected a bit more. One other reason(that i didn’t even know until today) is the Salvi came with a 5 year warranty, and the L&H only 3 years! I wonder why the difference….

    Anyways, the owner(David D’arville) was there, and was very helpful and kind. One of his staff members was beyond helpful as well! She played the harps for me and was full of harp knowledge. They had a wonderful music selection as well!

    I got the whole transport cover set when I was there! Now I next have to find a harp dolley! :-) (seeing as I could barely even lift the harp an inch ) =( There has to be an easier way to carry this thing. :-) Any suggestions would be nice….

    Anyone else this excited when they purchased their harp? :-)

    brook-boddie on #111481


    Congratulations on your new harp!!

    rod-c on #111482


    Congrats on the new harp. It sounds wonderful, and I am sure it will bring you (and others) years and years of joy.

    You are not alone in your excitement over getting a new harp. I was sure thrilled with my new harp (still am)!

    lydia-covey on #111483

    Congratulations Christopher!

    lydia-covey on #111484

    oops… somehow that quote copied wierd, computers………

    “Where words fail, music speaks.” ~Hans Christian Anderson

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #111485

    Congratulations Christopher. I know your ecstasy. I remember it well….February of ’06 my beautiful Camac Athena came on the big semi truck from the Richmond store. I almost lost my mind with excitement. Two years later, I’m still thrilled with my harp. Enjoy your new acquisition… are going to love it.


    Bonnie Shaljean on #111486

    Well done, Christopher! Wishing you many many joyous years with it

    unknown-user on #111487

    Thanks all for the lovely responses!! :-) I’ve been playing and playing and playing! I’ve adjusted to the pedals really well. ( saves my hands! But i’ll still miss my lever harp….)

    Well, now one of my fingers is getting kind of sore. =( I guess that’s a part of pedal harping. I’m used to folk tension with thinner strings! I hope I don’t get a blister! I have my first gig with my new harp(which i cant move yet….. =| ) next Saturday!

    Also, I saw a ton of different harps at the VHC store here in NJ. One of them, that really peeked my interest was a Salvi Erard(in rosewood with gold trim!) and a Camac Athena! It was a 46 string. It was priced really well, but my 40 string daphne just fit in my jeep! Glad I made this decision! :-)

    Are my fingers going to get blistery? I’m worried. The gig is in a week. =|

    barbara-brundage on #111488

    Congratulations, Christopher. It’s sooo much fun to get a new harp, and there aren’t any nicer people anywhere than the folks at VA Harp Center.

    BTW, I kind of liked the dolly they carry–can’t remember which brand it is, but it was one of the McKay style ones. Very tight turning radius on it. (I prefer my old Royal Harp Cart to anything available now, since the harp sits flat, so you can leave it on the dolly while you go off and reconnoiter at a gig, but you can’t get those anymore.)

    Yeah, you’ll get probably get a little blistery at first, but it will pass. :-)

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #111489

    I bought my dolly from the VA Harp Center too…..and I love it. It works just perfectly for me. Give yourself a break on the blistery finger and let it rest some. If it goes to a blister it’s going to hurt badly when you play, but remember “New Skin” — that liquid bandage stuff. It works really well.


    unknown-user on #111490

    Hello again,

    VHC actually had a used cart for…. 200 I think. The owner actually brought my harp to the car with it! It was great….. but I already spent the money for the transport cover set, so I didn’t want to spend anymore…. I probably would’ve went home with two harps if I didn’t get out of there. :-)

    I have a cart that will hold my harp, but I’d need straps for it. The wheels aren’t big enough for steps though…. well, I could use it, but it’ll be quite difficult to pull it up the steps. ( the rubber covered wheels are a plus though!)

    Thank you all for your input once again! Time to go study more harp stuff. =)

    Fairy Reel on #111491

    I suppose you could always use bungee cords. (?!)

    What exactly are the warranties good for, anyway? Like if you drop your harp down stairs or something? Just wondering.

    Fairy Reel on #111492

    I forgot to congratulate you. CONGRATULATIONS! I borrowed my teacher’s harp the other day (haven’t got a pedal yet!) and I went NUTS playing all sorts of crazy stuff. I so didn’t want to return it. So have fun!

    (And…I have played a gig with a blister. Not fun, but it worked. Depening on which finger it is, on which hand, and how difficult your pieces are, you might be able to adjust your fingering.)

    unknown-user on #111493

    Hey Fairy,

    What are the warranties really good for? Most of the time they build these instruments to last… like what? 80 years? At VHC I saw a L&H from 1915? I believe. It was beautifulllll!

    Um… the blister is going to form… on my right index finger…. it’s just red at this time, and a bit sore…. no blister has formed, but i’m expecting it to. This stinks. :-) It’s such an important finger!!

    As far as the pedal harp goes…. I wake up and still can’t believe I got one! Also, I’ve been playing music I thought I’d never play…. The pedals I find are easy to operate and remember where they are at! I’m in love with it. A salvi Daphne 40 in Mahogany….. It’s true love. =)

    barbara-low on #111494

    Congratulations on your new harp!

    You might try bandaging your sore finger with a flexible fabric adhesive bandage, trimmed very close to your finger so that no edges catch the strings. I tear out the center pad. You can try wrapping it around your finger, but I like to wrap it over my finger, being sure I can still flex my joint.

    It’ll sound really different and be more slippery, but will save your finger from more friction and hopefully heal some before you have to perform.

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