My First Song for Sale!–Beauty and the Beast

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    Jodi Ann Tolman on #200775

    My family is so excited for the new Beauty and the Beast movie coming out soon, so I decided to write an arrangement of that Disney love song.  You can check out the video and the sheet music with the links below.  And please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel! One of my goals for this year is to post more harp videos.  I’ve had a lot of fun recording some so far.  I’m definitely learning more about my playing and performing as I watch myself in these videos and work to improve.

    Beauty and the Beast Video

    Beauty and the Beast Sheet Music

    My YouTube Channel

    Many of you have helped me learn about selling harp arrangements.  I’m grateful to have learned about Sheet Music Plus and how to sell copyrighted music on there.  The commission is low, but it’s exciting to have a song posted nonetheless. I’m still hoping to create my own website eventually where I can sell my arrangements that are in the public domain. So thanks for all the advice I’ve received through these forums! It has been very helpful and much appreciated!


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