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    Laura Tompkins on #186603

    Has anyone here been to the Musical InstrumentMuseum in Phoenix? My fiancé and I went there today. It was fascinating. There were quite a few harp exhibits from the different countries! I will post some picture once my phone charges. I found it particularly interesting that in Ireland, most of the harpists were blind and would travel about performing and composing songs! Wild! How do you suppose they did this? I can’t play without looking at her strings!


    balfour-knight on #186604

    Laura, I look forward to seeing your photos, as I have never been to that museum. I love to see pictures of antique harps!

    Laura Tompkins on #186605


    Janis Cortese on #186623

    I have no idea how they did it either, but there are so many unbelievably gifted blind pianists in the world like Stevie Wonder, Diane Schuur, and Ray Charles, that I just don’t wonder about how blind people do things anymore. They seem to be able to hack out ways to do damned near anything. I don’t even know how they get up and down stairs without breaking their necks, but they manage it. The more I learn about people the more I think that most (not all, but most) of the limitations on what we’d think of as “disabled” people are created not by their disabilities but by their being embedded in a culture that just does things differently.

    balfour-knight on #186624

    I enjoyed looking at the photos! Thanks, Laura.

    patricia-jaeger on #186791

    There is also a Museum of Musical Instruments in Belgium, with more than 9000 instruments, displaying 1,100 at a time. If readers go to:

    they can see part of the collection without having to travel there to view many ancient ones such as a Greek lyre, a kithara, and other ancient varieties of what is played today.

    Janis Cortese on #186909

    Wow that website is addictive, Patricia! Thanks for posting it!

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