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    Sherri Matthew on #141996

    Ok everybody,

    So posting my first forum topic here and I thought about places and ideas where we get our material from, for whatever we’re doing – learning to play, learning a certain piece, arranging material for our own compositions or whatever.

    I did a blog post a few days ago on my own website about this, so I guess it’s still fresh on my mind. There’s lots of stuff out there to draw from, recent publications you can adapt for your instrument (how’s that going, btw?) to unedited 1,000 year old manuscripts uploaded to the web for the public to view.

    I find I usually tend to zero in on one or two items of interest after doing a bit of skimming. What’s everybody and their harp up to?

    randal on #142348

    I wanted to input here, Sherri, as I appreciate and support the existence of a wire harp-dedicated forum on HC.

    Although–since you and me have corresponded pertaining to these issues–I really haven’t anything to add! I’m learning pieces from various recordings of ap Huw, and tunes. Hopefully, others will eventually participate

    Thanks! R

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