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    chauret on #216443

    Hello. I am a conductor and I am searching for repertoire for either Harp & String Orchestra or Harp & String Quartet. Other than the usual suspects, I’m not having much luck. Any good suggestions out there??

    MusikFind1 on #216445

    Some of the titles on this AHS list are with String Orchestra.

    Do you want only Harp solo with strings?

    chauret on #216446

    That list is very helpful. Thanks! I’m ideally looking for music where harp is an equal part of the ensemble. (i.e. not a harp concerto) I’m having a really hard time finding quality literature. Any other suggestions are appreciated!

    paul-knoke on #216449

    There’s the P. J. Meyer Sonata for harp and string quartet, available through the Historical Harp Society:


    Tacye on #216454

    Have you seen this similar thread with a few suggestions/resources?

    String Orchestra and Harp Repetoir

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    Gretchen Cover on #216457

    If you go on youtube, there is a lifetime of ideas and music. One of my favorites is Romance nr 1 for harp and cello by Johann Strauss. Very short but what a fantastic work.

    carl-swanson on #216462

    Marcel Tournier wrote string quartet parts to some of his images and they are just wonderful. Erica Goodman made a recording of them years ago. You might listen to some of them.

    erin-wood on #216609

    What level are you looking for? I can email you some resources if you can get me your email address.

    chauret on #216634

    Hi Erin. I’m ideally looking for music where harp is an equal part of the ensemble. (i.e. not a harp concerto). My harp player is a very talented student. Given the time, she can play most anything. The strings are at an advanced amateur level (hope that makes sense). They tend to do best with the technical demands of late classical/early romantic rep. Thanks for your help!!

    Gretchen Cover on #216635

    Fantasía On Greensleeves, Ralph Vaughn Williams, arr. Greaves (need a flutist)

    Processional, McDonald/Woods (available Vanderbilt Music, can be played with just strings, harp)

    Concerto in D, Vivaldi, arr. Kathy Bundock Moore (Don’t let concerto scare you off. Parts equally divided. Listen to a YouTube clip and then decide.)

    In the Company of Angels, William Hofeldt

    Ashokan Farewell, Jay Unger, arr. Cerulli (score has other instruments but can be performed with harp/strings) Note: You can pair this with The Lover’s Waltz by Unger. Orchestra version and arr. for two violins/piano.

    Five Variants and Dives on Lazarus, Ralph Vaughn Williams (much more advanced than other music above)

    MusikFind1 on #216723

    A NIEWEG Chart: Harp with Strings has now been posted on SOLC – Symphony Orchestra Library Center. Under the Nieweg Charts. In response to a request on Harp Column, this 17 page chart has research about details for works that have been recommended by harpists and conductors.

    A work that is highly Recommended both for the harpist and the strings:

    Gould, Morton (b New York, 10 Dec 1913; d Orlando, FL, 21 Feb 1996). American

    Spirituals for Strings <1961> 21′

    hp — str Harp in mvts 1, 4, 5 only. Strings divisi.

    [Not to be confused with two other similarly named works by this composer.]

    Gospel Train—Old Time Religion (with Harp)
    Were You There?—Steal Away
    All God’s Children Got Wings
    Little David Play on Your Harp (with Harp)
    Calvary—He Never Said a Mumblin’ Word (with Harp)
    Ezekiel Saw de Wheel
    Score: (66 pp)

    Pub: Schirmer rental

    Additions and corrections are always welcome for all the charts.

    patricia-jaeger on #216877

    Hello Mr. Chauret,
    From Vanderbilt Music Inc. in Bloomington Indiana, take a look at three different Collections arranged by Patricia Jaeger: Twenty Carols With a Friend; Folk Harp With a Friend; and Familiar Hymns With a Friend.This last includes a CD with Danielle Perrett from London, at the harp. That CD alone is $7.00, from Patricia Jaeger in Seattle who asks no postage if it is from the USA.Her These are all scored for A String Quartet plus Harp. First violin carries the melody; harp is always accompanying. Intermediate level.
    Her contact information is with Vanderbilt Music.

    agkengor on #217245

    Have you heard of Prelude, Waltz, and Rigaudon for Harp and Strings by Reynaldo Hahn? It’s very beautiful, but I don’t think it’s very well known.

    MusikFind1 on #217257

    Publication details update:

    Hahn, R. (b. Caracas, Venezuela, 9 Aug, 1874; d. Paris, 28 Jan. 1947) Venezuelan, naturalized French composer
    Prélude, Valse et Rigaudon,
    for harp and string ensemble (violin I and II, viola, cello and bass), adapted for pedal harp and ed. Dominique Piana, full score (23 pp.) For sale. GU106
    Parts for sale: Solo harp, (10 pp.) Difficulty: 9-10 GU107
    Set of String Orchestra parts: G108
    Alternate String Quartet version. GU109
    Pub. Editions Harpiana Publications
    Phone: (925) 455-5333

    Prélude, valse et rigaudon: pour harpe chromatique: avec accompagnement de piano
    “Morceau de Councours pour le conservatoire royal de musique de Bruxelles Année, 1903”
    1 harp score (19 pages); 35 cm
    Pub: Paris: Au Menestrel: Heugel & Cie, [190-?] Agent
    Leduc, Agent Music Sales Classical
    Copy on Deposit: Brigham Young University Harold B.
    Lee Library Provo, UT
    The publication with strings is not found on the
    Heugel/Leduc – Music Sales Classical.
    Floraleda Sacchi (Harp) Orchestra 1813, José Gomez Rios
    Teatro Sociale di Como 24 Feb. 2012

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