String Orchestra and Harp Repetoir

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    beth365 on #200927

    Good Evening,

    Can anyone give me suggestions for repetoir for String Orchestra and Harp pleae . I am grade 7 standard slowly getting to know the repetoir. Does anyone have favourite pieces or ideal bits to begin with to build up to the “bigger” stuff?

    Any advice gratefully received 🙂


    Thank you



    beth365 on #200928

    P.s I think i may of made that sound like only pieces which feature the harp as a soloist, not the case. Any and all repetoir which are ideal to work on sitting within TV e Orchestra. Thank you 🙂

    Tacye on #200929

    String orchestra including harp, rather than with harp solo?

    VW’s Greensleeves can be done with violins instead of the flutes.

    I have played Elgar’s Sospiri without the organ/harmonium

    beth365 on #200930
    1. Thanks, yes either really. I’ve yet to see  what their library consists of so anything of grade 6/7 that anyone is familiar with would be a great place to start. Thank you
    Tacye on #200931

    Mahler Adagietto too.

    Harp Column Staff on #200979

    Hi Beth365:

    You might be interested in the article “The Right Rep” from our recent issue. It gives a lot of great suggestions for progressive repertoire for harp in orchestra.

    –Kim from Harp Column

    beth365 on #201095

    Thank you ! Great article 🙂

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