music for full sized harps without levers

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    deb-l on #158190

    I’m not rushing into putting levers on the Dauphine, maybe a couple of months as long as it stays stable, but I am enjoying playing the harp very much, it has a very pleasant sound, look and feel.

    Ken H. on #158191

    Hi Deb,

    deb-l on #158192

    hi Ken, thanks for the suggestions.

    I know others sharpen a half step, but I still think of this harp as
    very delicate.

    jessica-wolff on #158193

    Don’t forget, you can play ambiguous chords (1st and 5th only, leaving the major/minor issue open).

    Looking at some Sylvia Woods books, I find a surprising number of pieces in the key of C with no accidentals. I have to assume that this was a deliberate choice, geared to the leverless.

    Tacye on #158194

    Do you play any Bernard Andres? La Gimblette is in C and would suit the elegance of that harp.

    deb-l on #158195

    thanks Jessica, I have a few of Sylvia Wood’s books, (who doesn’t?).

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