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    harp guy

    So I have a question and hopefully I can get some help with this…

    I have a LH Prelude 38 and then a Musicmakers 28string folk harp. My wife and I are moving to Texas in May but the harps will not be able to go with us immediately (nor the piano) because of cost. These instruments will be stored in my parents’ home until we can afford to move them and that will probably be around October/November. We’re planning on renting a truck at that point and packing and padding them very well (layers and layers!)

    Any advice on what to do? I’m almost tempted to sell them and just buy new in Dallas except that our piano is an antique upright that has an incredible sound you just can’t buy anymore…

    Budget is the biggest factor in all of this.


    It would help if you mentioned whether in May you are driving or flying, when you make the move, and also from which area you are coming. You may need an item called a Space Blanket over those instruments if they are transported into any extreme heat in Texas, for example; it can deflect heat away from delicate things.


    I would suggest you ask a few piano movers for a quote – it may prove cheaper to have them (or it) go as a part load in a professional van than a whole smaller van yourself.

    harp guy

    We are moving from Kentucky (it’s always rather humid here) and we’re moving to Dallas Texas specifically.

    We’re driving in May, but we won’t be able to bring the harp and piano with us this time around. We’re going to have to move them separately. We’ll barely make the move in May as it is. But once I’m settled in my new job there it won’t be a problem to get them moved shortly thereafter. I’m just thinking about doing it in late september/early october because that will be before it gets too cold in Kentucky and the heat will have backed off in Texas a bit.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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