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    Gretchen Cover on #189014

    At the request of Balfour, here goes: What do you get asked to play most often? What are your favorite go-to pieces for anything?

    Emily Granger on #189028

    Most Played – Danny Boy, Moon River, What a Wonderful World, Blue Danube Waltz, Claire de Lune, Happy Birthday, Somewhere Over the Rainbow

    Most Requested – Stairway to Heaven, Cannon in D, Wind Beneath my Wings (always happens that someone hears me playing this one, comes over and asks me to play it again!)

    Sylvia on #189034

    Almost all of my church weddings are Catholic, so the Schubert Ave Maria has to be there, and I often use the Canon in D for the bridal entrance march, especially now that a lot of the Catholic churches don’t want the traditional marches played.

    For other events, I usually play a variety of music: classical, popular, and Mexican, so there’s something for everyone…unless the people ask for one kind only. I’ve had events where they wanted only Mexican (my favorite). I have one coming up where they want only classical (my un-favorite). As for anyone asking for something specific….requests are rare… although selections from Phantom of the Opera are sometimes mentioned.

    I have to really search my memory to think of music that was requested.
    Once at a birthday party, I got asked for Somewhere in Time. I didn’t know that what they meant was the Rachmaninoff, so I said I didn’t know it. As I went thru my list, I came to it and played it, and they rushed over…all smiles … and informed me that was IT. (I learned later that it plays thru the movie, but there is a actually a different song called Somewhere in Time.)
    Back in the day, I played in a restaurant, and repeats of Somewhere my Love were requested so often I practically wore it out.

    Gretchen Cover on #189040

    My 26-year-old son and his friends ask for anything Disney and Beatles. Also, All of Me by John Legend.

    balfour-knight on #189042

    Thanks, Gretchen, for starting this topic! I agree with all that has been mentioned so far, and I get many requests for movie themes. That is primarily the reason that Angi Bemiss (Simply the Harp) and I came up with the series of books we called UNFORGETTABLE THEATRE TREASURES. My sweet little grandmother Knight wanted “Somewhere My Love” played so often that I can play it in my sleep, ha, ha!

    Best thoughts,

    balfour-knight on #189075

    When I do a Celtic harp concert, anything by O’Carolan, Sally Gardens, She Moved Through the Fair, My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose, Ye Banks and Braes, Amazing Grace, I’ll Meet Thee on the Meadow Ridge (The Lea Rig) and Kelvin Grove seem to be the most often requested. Also, Greensleeves seems to be the number one favorite on any harp!

    Best thoughts,

    balfour-knight on #189386

    I think, after considering all these “requests,” that I will have to say that I believe “Happy Birthday” to be the absolute winner–the most-requested piece ever! What do you all think?

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