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    carl-swanson on #152035

    I just called Geraldine, who knew Mildred since 1931, and she says that Mildred always carried the harps with her in the car. Before the War she traveled by train and the harps of course went in baggage. But sometime after the war she started traveling around by car and carried everything with her in the car.

    Chris Asmann on #152036

    Just my two cents about the hand movements and frame rate:

    YouTube adulterates everything you upload. I would not expect that the jerky movements, apparently missing frames or slightly mismatched audio are evident in the original recording.

    carl-swanson on #152037

    Chris- You’re right of course. We had to make compromises to put that up on youtube. But I think it was worth it. For a harpist watching her play, it’s obvious that she was a very good harpist and it’s wonderful that a virtuoso from that generation was so carefully filmed. It’s sad that that sort of thing wasn’t done more often.

    unknown-user on #152038

    I have known John Mangrum for 68 years (I see him when I look in the mirror), so I was present at the birth of this DVD and would like to make a comment about my experience with Mildred Dilling and with this DVD.

    kay-lister on #152039

    Love the story Ivan – thanks for sharing!


    unknown-user on #152040

    Mr. Swanson / Anyone – I really enjoyed the film on Ms. Dilling – she was definitely an incredible harpist – and we are truly lucky to have this (too short!) film of her performing! Thank you SOO much for posting it on youtube!

    patricia-jaeger on #152041

    Mr. Mason, there is technology today to transfer LPs and 78rpm recordings, to CDs.

    unknown-user on #152042

    Thank you VERY much for your reply Ms. Jaeger! I will dig in – and see what I can do… Off subject

    barbara-brundage on #152043

    I would just point out that they are doubtless still under copyright to the record label. There’s a reason why more things don’t become available, you know, and it’s not slackness on the part of the folks who have the tools.

    Anyone with a usb turntable (available almost anywhere–check amazon), a copy of soundsoap or equivalent program to clean up the noise, and a computer can do this. It’s just mostly not legal to do it, except for home use and technically not even then, really.

    tony-morosco on #152044


    The RIAA thinks

    barbara-brundage on #152045

    I’m not defending them, Tony. I think it’s a stupid attitude. But it does mean that it may be difficult to find a commercial studio that will undertake such a project.

    tony-morosco on #152046

    Oh, certainly. I was more commenting on the idea of getting a USB turntable and doing it yourself. As far as things stand that is perfectly legal.

    However if I had a professional studio I definitely wouldn’t do it for hire for anyone else. That would just be opening yourself up to all sorts of liability since it is a commercial enterprise.

    Anyway, I have a USB turntable and have converted a few dozen of my LPs to digital and it works surprisingly well. I use audacity

    unknown-user on #152047

    An astonishingly wonderful Signature Edition CD- MILDRED DILLING, “First Lady of the Harp”-

    patricia-jaeger on #152048

    William, thank you for your kind words about my “Twenty Carols With a Friend”. Yes, individual part-books for this and the other two in the series, are available for two dollars each, either directly from Herald Music, or from the dealer

    unknown-user on #152049

    Thank you Mr. Mangrum! I’ve placed my order! Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks! Kind regards William

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