Michael Amorosi “Pastorale for Cl. and Hp.”

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    Jessica Frost on #144803

    Hi, I am performing the Pastorale with a clarinetist and I am trying to find Amorosi’s dates for his recital program.

    jennifer-buehler on #144804

    What kind of piece is this?

    unknown-user on #144805

    Hey Jessica,

    I don’t know the dates, but I was going to ask you about that piece as well.

    Jessica Frost on #144806

    This piece is probably for the more advanced harp and clarinet player.

    Jessica Frost on #144807


    Ha ha, my boyfriend is a graduate clarinet performance major so we pretty much own all the original harp and clarinet duets (not transcriptions of flute/harp, violin/harp)

    Jessica Frost on #144808


    I accidentally sent the post before I was done.

    jennifer-buehler on #144809

    Thanks for the info.

    catherine-rogers on #144810

    Michael Amorosi July 27, 1947-February 26, 2000

    His obit is in the Summer, 2000, issue of the American Harp Journal, p. 55

    MusikFind1 on #144811

    Michael D. Amorosi (1947-2000) was a harpist, composer and arranger. Some of his compositions for pedal and lever harp:



    AMOROSI, M. Pastorale (Cl/Hp) (LHS) 700195-025

    Your Price: $5.63


    Two medieval danses : flute and harp

    by Michael Amorosi

    Musical Score : Printed music :

    Publisher: [Los Angeles : M. Amorosi, 1976]

    Molto adagio – Allegro deciso

    Recorded on the label: Bayer – Catalog number 100097


    (Which lists a birth date of 1910? )

    Also recorded on several other labels.

    2.Berceuse and rondo (for harp with or without pedals)

    by Michael Amorosi

    Musical Score : Printed music : Rondos

    Publisher: [Santa Monica, Calif.] : Salvi, ��1977.


    by Michael Amorosi

    Musical Score : Printed music :

    Publisher: Santa Monica, Calif. : Salvi, ��1978.

    4.Suite of six dances : for harp and string quartet

    by Michael Amorosi

    Passepied-Promenade — Minuet — Samba — Waltz — Country reel — Pas de deux Musical Score : Printed music : Multiple forms

    1 score (47 p.) + 5 parts ; 31 cm

    Preface and biographical notes in English

    Harp Solo $15.00, Score $17.50, String Parts $25.00

    Publisher: Lyra, ��1999.


    5.Adagio, oboe and harp

    by Michael Amorosi

    Musical Score : Printed music

    Publisher: Santa Monica, Calif. : Salvi Publications, ��1977.

    Michael was Music Coordinator for:

    “Capitol – The series, set in Washington, D.C., focuses on the activities of the Cleggs and the McCandlesses, two ambitious, power-hungry families.”

    Also Music Coordinator for episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful.

    He is listed as Harpist on the album released in 1984 – Celebrate This Heartbeat (Randy Stonehill).


    Author: Stella Castellucci

    Title: A Perspective on the Art of Michael Amorosi

    Summary: Michael Amorosi arranged ballads for harp with jazz harmonies and a sophisticated style. He took classes with Stella Castelluci in which he practiced SATB choral writing in order to learn how to “sift out” the voices not needed. He published a book called Passionatus which contains harmonic layouts and full harp arrangements for the Salvi Pop Series.

    Location: Vol. 17 no. 4, Winter 2000, p. 33 American Harp Journal

    Availability: available for purchase


    Title: In Memoriam: Michael Amorosi

    Location: Vol. 17 no. 3, Summer 2000, p. 55 American Harp Journal

    Availability: available for purchase


    Per the obit in the American Harp Journal, Michael D. Amorosi, Harpist ,

    bob-miller on #144812

    Does any one know if “Passionatus” by Michael Amorosi is available to purchase? I know they have a copy at BYU, but it’s too far to travel to Utah.

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