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    My cousin recently asked me if I would start lessons with her

    daughter who is barely 4 years old. She has the harp that I started

    on when I was six in her home and it fits her perfectly, Her daughter

    loves to sit down and pluck at the strings and she is VERY gentle.

    She’s a well behaved little girl and learns very quickly and I don’t

    necessarily think that she is too young to start lessons, but I am at

    a loss as to how to go about teaching her. (where to start, songs,

    methods, etc…) I’ve heard that actually coloring the strings might

    work… any more suggestions?? I’m open to anything!!!

    Thank you!


    Well, I don’t teach harp (sorry…), but I do teach violin, and the Suzuki method and/or books seem to work well as a beginning method for every instrument. The songs are simple, and introduce new concepts at a fair pace. Sorry I don’t help very much…I’m kind of self taught on harp. Good luck and I hope OTHER PEOPLE ON HERE will answer your questions. (lol) Have a good one…

    Evangeline Williams

    I used permanent markers to color the white/clear strings on an 8 string harp to use with children with special needs.


    I have been teaching young harpists and no prior musical training students for years and have estalished a well-working system. FYI.

    1. colorful strings matching notes

    2. reading LETTER (A-G) and playing children songs, i.e. Mary had a little lamb, row your boat, etc. finger 2 only though. Thumb up for sure.

    3. try not to teach a new musician to read staff and notes too fast. Values of notes and reading grand staff are different concepts to teach seprately, and later to combine those information together. It usually takes a couple of months for such a young age to get them remembered. Make it fun!

    Hope this helps.

    Sonya Yu

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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