Meta Epstein CD of Celtic Music–?

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    HBrock25 on #150880

    I heard Meta Epstein playing in NYC’s Central Park last May and purchased her CD, Enchanted Harp. I think she mentioned she also had a CD of Celtic music. I have located and purchased her Passion CD, with accordionist Abel Mambreani which has Latin music. Is there in fact a third CD of Celtic music?

    andy-b on #150881

    Hi, Robert: I have those same two CDs of hers that I bought after hearing her play in the middle of a shopping mall in Tallahassee years ago. I pulled out the liner notes, and inside they do say there is a CD entitled Ireland Traditional Music – Celtic Harp, along with an order form. If it’s not in yours, let me know and I’ll email you the information or post it here. Hope this helps!


    carl-swanson on #150882

    Oh my Gosh! It’s incredible hearing her name mentioned again. Meta and I lived in Paris at exactly the same time. We both studied with Pierre Jamet, but because she is 4 years younger than me(she was 18 when we both moved there. Not together, but at the same time) she applied,and was accepted to the Paris Conservatory. She studied with Jacqueline Borot, one of the greatest teachers of the 20th century, and got a first prize from the Conservatory after 2 years of study there.

    We’ve been in touch over the years, but I haven’t heard from her in a while. Last I heard she was playing on cruise ships. She’s a wonderful harpist and one of my oldest friends. By the way, she plays one of my harps.

    Christian Frederick on #150883


    Maybe it’s time for you to join Facebook (if you already haven’t opened an account). Meta Joy (Epstein) is one of my favorite “friends”.

    I meet her on a cruise ship in 2008…….. She plays wonderfully, and I especially was impressed with her smooth technique and musicality….

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