Merry Christmas! Here's a Video. :)

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    Andelin on #199087

    Merry Christmas Everyone!  Here’s a video I made, with the help of my dear husband.  It’s a combination of my own Away in a Manger arrangement and Daniel Burton’s Silent Night.  I put this together for church last year, but finally made a video of it today.  I love the sweet simplicity of the arrangement.  Enjoy!

    (and don’t worry!  My harp wasn’t too close to the fire and I moved it away as soon as we were done!)


    I wouldn’t mind some feedback from other harpists.  🙂


    susanne globisch on #199090

    @Andelin: that sounds wonderful! Merry Christmas to you!!

    And here are my Season’s Greetings for you – an old german Christmas Song, melody written by Johann Sebastian Bach, the arrangement is by Christoph Pampuch (more info in the description below the video on YouTube).

    On a walk in the forrest I had the idea to break off some bark from logs stacked up next to the path. I looked at it and it needed only a little bit of imagination and gold paint to make a nativity scene appear…!!

    Have a very merry and peaceful Christmas!

    Yours, Susanne
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    balfour-knight on #199138

    Andelin, thanks for posting that beautiful video!  I almost missed it, since I don’t get on the computer much anymore.  Your playing is very sensitive and heart-felt, and your harp sounds very nice on the recording.  Hug those “boys” of yours for us and have a wonderful Christmas season!

    Susanne, I am going to look at yours, now!

    Best to all of you,


    balfour-knight on #199139

    Beautiful, Susanne!  Thank you both for posting these lovely videos!

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