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    unknown-user on #156302

    Hi Zen,
    Thanks so much for your answer, you made my day! I know I’m still “out of tune” and know so little, if nothing, but my ear tells me when it hurts. So I try to get it right. I couldn’t even play “Frere Jacques” when I started so I had to improvise. It sounds right now, but I had to put the music away. My concern is: if I play a new piece of music and my harp is not to be trusted, then what? Am I going to have to improvise and play it by ear? Taking on bad habits until the right harp comes along? Sylvie

    Zen Sojourner on #156303

    Hi, Sylvie.

    unknown-user on #156304

    Hi Zen, thanks again for your answer. I own a Matrix SR-4000 chromatic tuner. It seems ok to me. I see you recommend a pick up. I don’t have one of those but I read it is a piece you can attach directly to the string so you can tune more accuratly without background sound, is that right?
    Actually my question was more about levers. I was reading the piece about Julia Haninger and learned some from it. My problem is not so much tuning but it’s more a lever problem. So as you said I should probably retune a few “accidentals” according to the music. I just don’t trust the levers on my harp. I have tried it with some music I know and it was like, terrible.

    Tacye on #156305

    I have seen levers on harps of that make which were in completely the wrong place- so bad I could tell by eye without trying them.

    Zen Sojourner on #156306

    The levers on your harp are undoubtedly worthless in their current

    S M on #156307

    In response to a comment made earlier — now, I could be wrong, but if I’m not — Mideast harps DO have some kind of a warranty.

    Zen Sojourner on #156308

    Why spend even $900 for an inferior instrument when the same money will buy you something with a 5 year warranty that covers EVERYTHING?

    I have repeatedly attempted to contact the distributor of these but have never heard anything back regarding any warranty.

    HBrock25 on #156309

    Hi Silvie — not sure if you’re still around to get this, but I met Harvey about 20 years ago when he came to Tulsa Junior College to perform for our student group.

    patricia-jaeger on #156310

    Sylvie, yes, I remember Harvi Griffin, an amazing harpist, who indeed has passed away. I also, like Dale, have his cassette; mine is called “The Other Side”. On it are these

    Participant on #156311

    Well, now maybe you know of one person who still plays their Mid-East harp? I have a 22 string version of that harp, and it is holding up fine. I saved up and bought it myself when I was 10 or 11 and I have been playing it for almost 3 years.

    Besides the levers, which don’t stay up, it has reasonable sound for the price I got it for. Actually, my harp is a SuperHarp, it doesn’t have any cracks or serious injuries despite being knocked over about once a month by siblings; and even though I play it ALL THE TIME none of the strings have broken and I have never replaced them. I ought to…)

    I got mine from a different retailer, and I don’t know, maybe they check for quality. I wouldn’t recommend a larger size to anyone, if I were to get a 34 string harp I would want to get a better quality; but for less than $300 dollars for a brand new beginners harp, it’s not so bad.

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