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    Jerusha Amado


    Give my warmest regards to Brook when you see him!


    I am so reluctant to even say because honestly of all the regular posters here I would truly love to meet all of you and I almost feel like naming one, or a few, would be insulting to the others. At the same time I understand the spirit of the question so I will compromise and break the one person rule as well.

    I will say Carl and Saul. The reason being that I find that with all three

    Sid Humphreys


    If you please, give me (email)


    This may sound incredibly dumb, but occasionally I’m not quite sure of the gender of the writer. I’ve more or less figured out(I think correctly) that Brook is a guy. But is Mel a woman or a man? I think I finally figured out that she is a woman, but I’m not 100% sure. If any of you have names that are not gender specific, please set us straight here. Thanks.


    I actually had the pleasure of meeting Carl Swanson almost 2 years ago.


    We met Tacye when she was still in school in England. A delightful person and charming tour guide for a couple of awestruck Americans in Cambridge.

    john Doe

    I would like to meet the “famous John Doe”

    John Doe


    Definitely a male, Carl, but I do get that often because of my name.

    Sherj DeSantis

    I would love to meet many of the previously mentioned posters as well. But David Ice also comes to my mind. He looks like he really enjoys his life in some of the posted videos on You Tube.


    I do hope that if any of the posters here are passing through Boston they will contact me so we can (finally) meet.

    Sid Humphreys

    John Doe! Where have you been???


    I knoe John Doe, he is from Chicagoe, I think I knoe. I think he works for a harp company, or she. But he’d better watch out for Jane Doe, she is coming to get him! He owes lots of child support.

    I invite all of you to the Harp Music Festival of Philadelphia, naturally, so we can all meet. I would also love to host a gathering of only male harpists, so we can dish the real dirt. I am very flattered and hope I do get to meet all of you. I wish I could travel more. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to the West Coast for the Conference or the WHC. I thought they were synchronized, but aren’t I gather.


    Saul’s is a great suggestion. If any of us can make it to the AHS conference next year in Seattle-Tacoma, we could set a time and place to meet for coffee or tea or something.

    Karen Johns

    I’d like to meet Liam and Audrey (I couldn’t narrow it down to one). We could have a wire harp jam session! :-)

    But really, I think meeting any of you would be an honor. There are so many unique and intelligent

    Dwyn .


Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 41 total)
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