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    unknown-user on #164409

    Hello all,

    I was just wondering if any of you had ever seen/played a Blevins MeadoWind 36 harp. I’ve had my eye on that model for a long time but ignored it because of the price (reasonable though it may be) but I think it really is my absolute dream harp. I listened to a sound clip and it moved me nearly to tears because it suits me so perfectly. As much as I like the Ravenna 26, I think if I get it sooner just because I can, I may never end up getting the MeadoWind, and I may not be as inclined to play the Ravenna because of the limitations (fewer strings and levers) and may outgrow it and not be able to afford another one for a very long time. Another thread on one of these forums about going for your dream harp if you can afford it is what got me thinking.

    Do you think it’s worth me waiting a whole extra year (in addition to the year or half a year I already have to wait) to get the harp I really want? It seems like an awfully long time to wait for a first harp, but I feel like it might be the best decision in the long-run.

    Anyway, I was just wondering what everyone thought if they had anything to contribute!

    Thanks in advance for your listening ears and helpful advice!


    Cheryl Z. on #164410

    Hi Becky,

    Personally, I would go ahead and get the Ravenna and then start saving for your dream harp.

    Audrey Nickel on #164411

    One really nice thing about the Ravenna is that it’s relatively easy and inexpensive to ADD levers as you find you need them.

    Audrey Nickel on #164412

    I also have to add that, even if you’re taking lessons, a 26 string should be adequate, if that’s what you can afford right now.

    unknown-user on #164413

    Hallo Becky,

    I don’t think you should wait more time. I posted about getting the harp of my dreams, but I already have a harp to play and I’ve been having it for about 7 years now. If you’re not convinced about buying the Ravenna 26, maybe you can rent it, so you’ll have a harp to play without spending lots of money all at once, then you’ll decide…You can still save for the one you like or you can buy the Ravenna.

    I have a dear friend who’s name is Becky too, and she plays lever harp too. We begun almost togeather and I remember that at the time she was still a student, so she didn’t have any money. She first rented a 22 strings Salvi Eire because it was

    sherry-lenox on #164414

    Hi Becky- I love the tone of several of the Blevins harps, and I’ve been watching the Amadeus that’s on the specials list right now. It probably has a big sound in person but it certainly is a beautiful harp!

    unknown-user on #164415

    Hmm, I am absolutely torn on this issue. I’m very likely to change my mind again, but I’m thinking maybe I should go with a Harpsicle first, since that’s the one I can get soonest, and then save for the MeadoWind. The Harpsicle wouldn’t put me too far behind on saving either. It’s not perfect, but it would enable me to play and has a good amount of strings. I feel like that’s the only way I can get the MeadoWind and still have something to play soon. The Ravenna (as much as I like it) somehow is only one pound lighter than the MeadoWind and doesn’t seem a whole lot smaller because of the design, so if I want to have a separate travel harp, I might as well start with the Harpsicle and that way I’ll have a harp I can even take on planes.

    Any thoughts?

    unknown-user on #164416

    Should you decide on a Harpsicle, look through the classifieds here and at Harp Mall. Harpsicles can be found used for some nice savings.

    I believe a Harp Column member is also selling a Harpsicle. I read something on an earlier thread about her advertising on Craigslist, although I don’t remember what city.

    unknown-user on #164417

    I have a sharpsicle with all the trimmings that I’d be happy to sell you.

    Audrey Nickel on #164418

    I just have a couple of things to say about starting with a Harpsicle (I know other people’s experiences may differ, so take what I say with a huge grain of salt).

    The ‘sicle’s sound, while better than anything you’ll get from a cheapo Pakistani, nowhere near approaches the quality of tone you’ll get from a Ravenna.

    Cheryl Z. on #164419

    Hi Becky,

    Go for getting the Ravenna.

    Cheryl Z. on #164420

    That’s plane – not place.

    unknown-user on #164421

    I’ve been thinking about this decision a lot and it’s a tough one, but I think I’m going to at least try to wait and save absolutely as much as I can to decrease the waiting time. I think the best case scenario would be to learn on a harp that I absolutely love and don’t want to trade for anything else. As long as I don’t have to wait a ridiculously long time I think it would be worth it. If the wait starts to feel too long, I could also buy a Harpsicle or Ravenna and sell it when I am nearing the amount I need for the MeadoWind. I guess I can’t have it all figured out just yet!

    Thanks again for all the suggestions.


    unknown-user on #164422

    I have the same problem. My dream harp is a T-swan or cygnet which are pretty darn expensive.I could buy a Camac Korrigan which is half the price but I have a feeling I’ll never get my Thorharp if I do.I’m tempted to get a Triplett Christina first so that I have a lap harp to play at least.I would get a lap harp sooner or later anyway since I want one.

    I would start with renting but there are no harp stores here so I have to rent from someone not using their harp and can’t get money applied towards a harp purchase so I don’t want to rent for more than 6 months(plus they charge more than harp stores do! I wish I’m in the US).That means I need to have a goodly amount laid by before I start lessons.

    I could rent and then get a Triplett Christina and make do until I save up for a Swan but it may mean spending two years on a lap harp!!

    Or I can rent and then get a Korrigan but I know I wouldn’t want to keep it for life. I would sell or rent it out eventually(I may lose money reselling). But I would need to save up for a pedal harp after I get my floor harp so I don’t think I’ll ever get my dream Swan…By the time, I can afford a Swan I think I would be 50 though I would be happy to sell the Korrigan for it (but it’ll probably be battered by then)!

    Can people who have tried the Cygnet vs. the Swan tell me if there’s a great difference in the sound? The cygnet is cheaper and more portable.I am thinking about a cherry cygnet in folk gut….does anyone own one?

    unknown-user on #164423

    Pippin, thanks for your post. It’s good to know someone else is in the same boat!

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