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    i love harp music

    Sherri Matthew

    Hi there Mia and welcome!
    Tell us a bit more about what you play on your harps and like to listen to.


    Are we supposed to see pics here? I don’t . . .


    i love christmas, classical & celtic harp music
    i play lever or pedal harp & i sing silent night in irish & in english
    some other song i like doing on my harps are
    you raise me up lever or pedal harp & voice
    this song is a tear lurker draw me close lever or pedal harp & voice
    be thou my vision lever or pedal harp only
    amazing grace lever or pedal harp only
    russian lullaby pedal harp only
    this is the newest song that i learned, the prayer pedal harp only
    i sum times compose my own harp music for both lever or pedal harp

    here are some cds i like to sing along to
    all the celtic woman cds
    my harp teachers cds
    Kim Robertson’s cds
    our daily bread hymns of grace cd
    our daily bred celtic hymns cd
    christmas moments the christmas harp quartet cd
    the heart of christmas harp & strings cd

    Sherri Matthew

    Wow, that’s a lot…. pedal and lever harp both. Also singing in Irish. That’s a pretty language – I like the sean nos singing. Wish I could do that.

    How long have you been playing?


    i’ve ben playing for 7 years
    did you know that I’m legally blind in my left eye & blind in my right eye
    so it makes things a bit of a calange & i also have CP

    Sherri Matthew

    Hi Mia,
    The old Irish harp was traditionally played by blind harpers, so even today, a lot of people who own replica historic instruments don’t color their wire strings. They play by what they hear and where they feel their fingers to be on the strings instead. So you’re in good company!

    I think too, a lot of their tunes were passed down, one from another and improvised on, rather than relying so much on sheet music like we do today.


    wow thats cool
    i don’t have a wire harp
    my lever harp is named emily & she has celtic designs on her soundboard
    she’s a shamrock lever harp from Lyon & Healy
    she has 34 strings 1st octave a to 6th octave c & natural in color

    Sherri Matthew

    34 strings – I gather she’s a floor harp then? They have such nice resonance.
    I actually have never tried playing a lap harp, but I know they’re popular.


    your right
    how did you know that she is a floor harp

    Sherri Matthew

    Just the number of strings and octaves you mentioned. Tough to fit all that onto your lap! 🙂

    Beautiful soundboard decoration, with the gold. I have laser carved celtic knots around the holes on my soundboard. Should try to photograph them some time when the light is good.


    can’t wait to see that

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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