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    michelle-winston on #162860

    Does someone feel comfortable sharing their marketing materials and/or ideas?

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #162861

    I guess I’d send them a contract with my business card attached, a professional headshot which I have from my singing

    Brandee Younger on #162862


    Business cards (without the ‘business cards are free at Vista Print’ on the back!), a bio, a photo & recording should suffice for the nursing home.

    alice-freeman on #162863

    Hi Shel –

    I think a marketing plan should include business cards, a tri-fold flyer with colored pictures (as a fancy resumé), a demo CD of excerpts if you cannot manage a CD of full-length songs, and a Web site.

    Liam M on #162864

    Sending a CD is fine…. But make it teasers, break a piece off at the middle of an interesting art and leave it there. Send a rate sheet and set your rates to reflect the value of your art. If you are to sell your art, then sell it at a fair price.

    Giveaways DO NOT WORK, snd Discounts is what you do with CHEAP product.

    My daughter struggled with her portrait art for years until I told her, stop giving it away; raise your prices, stop lowering them; and go in with a fixed price that is not open to negotiation.

    Mel Sandberg on #162865

    Michelle, advertise in an event guide, or a bridal guide or magazine, and go on bridal / event / function exhibitions.

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