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    vince-pierce on #102214

    In relation to Rosemary’s recent post about pretty harps, which harps do you think are the most masculine-looking? I would have to go with the LH Salzedo first, and the style 30. I think many of the Salvi harps are less frilly, and more contemporary in style. I think the Apollo, Aurora, Diana, and Orchestra models are kind of less feminine. No gold for me, really. I do like the LH style 26 and 3 are very nice, though. I wonder what those look like with less gold.

    What are your thoughts on the LH 100 and 17? And soundboard decoration?

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #102215

    Manly Harps, didn’t he used to cut my hair?

    I agree on the Salzedo model, but I think the 23 and 3 are also manly, even the 26 and 11.

    unknown-user on #102216

    The 100 could be unisex in my opinion, but then they all could be really (in agreement with Saul’s posts).

    Charles on #102217

    I think it’s the harp not the player-for example if I see a woman playing a

    Jerusha Amado on #102218

    If I were a man, (and I’m not!) I would go for the Salzedo or the Salvi Arianna.


    unknown-user on #102219

    Charles, that is so funny! You well and truly have got me back for my naughty Scolopita comment! Call me Olga anytime!

    Still laughing,

    Rosemary (alias Olga the pipe smoking gal…)

    unknown-user on #102220

    So old spinsters are “short, fat and heavy”!? And old married women are not?

    unknown-user on #102221

    Most of the spinsters I know are scintillating, arty and sophisticated!

    unknown-user on #102222

    Actually that Camac one we talked about on the other thread, the Trianon, that is quite a strong looking statement harp… could be

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #102223

    I think a mahogany Camac Atlantide with no “scrambled eggs” on the soundboard is pretty masculine looking. It has very clean lines. The blonde is beautiful, but it’s kinda more “girly” than the darker colors. I love my Athena, but now I really really want an Atlantide. No money……ain’t gonna happen. WAAAAAAAH! Let’s see, all I have to do is play like 2000 gigs, and I’ll have it.


    unknown-user on #102224

    Scrambled eggies on the soundboard? Is that the decal?

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #102225

    Yes….the flowery, leafy, goldy curly wurlies!


    unknown-user on #102226

    You mean the manly strong flowery leafy

    unknown-user on #102227

    I’d agree that the Salzedo seems rather masculine, although I might just be imposing my own ideas of the harp having the man’s name. (What a cool legacy!) While I think gilded harps look beautiful, I would not personally want to own one. I like the look of natural dark woods.

    As for lever harps, I have to say that the Triplett ‘Eclipse’ seems rather “butch” to me. The design reminds me of a hunters bow. While I have never been a hunting enthusiast, I do enjoy archery target practice.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #102228

    HAHAHA….I don’t think them manly, but actually Big Daddy has them, and he’s VERY manly.

    I tried to name the Camac some manly French name — at the moment I can’t remember what it was — but

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