Manhattan School of Music?

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    janie-kesselman on #166101


    My daughter got into Manhattan School of Music, and we were wondering if anyone out there went there recently who could give us some inside info to help with choosing the right school… The other great choices are USC Thornton School of Music, Carnegie Mellon School of Music, and Bard College Conservatory, all quite different from a school that just does music…

    Thanks for whatever insights you may have!
    Janie :0)

    patricia-jaeger on #166102

    Janie, I hope that graduates of those schools you mention will post their experiences here. My parents chose a conservatory for me and it was just the right choice as I was very happy there, but everyone leaving high school may have varying other abilities besides music that are also important to them. Your daughter is unique so be sure that together you sort out together the place she will spend at least the next four years. Best plan would be finding out whether there is a dormitory for students (none at Juilliard in the 1940’s; a rooming house ruled that school

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #166103

    In my book, the most important thing is which teacher will the student study with, not which school. With which teacher will the most be learned?

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