Magistretti Technical Exercises

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    Mel Sandberg on #150688

    What do other people think of these?

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #150689

    Magistretti was at one time a major Italian pedagogue. I don’t know his exercises. Some of his works seems good, not much different from other harpists of the period. I wouldn’t seek them out.

    The best single set of exercises I know is the Conditioning Exercises of Carlos Salzedo, which you can use for all of your life.

    Lorenzo Montenz on #150690

    Luigi Maria Magistretti (Milan 1887-Milan 1956) was pupil of Angelo Bovio, the most important italian harp teacher of his age.

    After his degree in the Conservatorio of Milan Magistretti started an internetional career as soloist and in the 1910 he was appointed professor at the Klindworth-Schwarenka music school in Berlin. With the beginning of the first WW he had to come back in Italy. After the end of the ww he started again his concertistical activity.

    He pubblished the 51 esercizi giornalieri and a Tema e variazioni dai capricci di Paganini.

    He pubblished the studies of his teacher Angelo Bovio.

    patricia-jaeger on #150691

    Mel, I have the Magistretti Daily Exercises for Harp (Pub. Ricordi. 1928) and they are good, BUT VERY DEMANDING. On page 7 he is showing sliding tenths, which would

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #150692

    There are also many divisions of Ricordi, in different countries, each owned separately, as I understood.

    Are the Bovio etudes not old enough to be in the public domain?

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