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    unknown-user on #164716

    I am interested in upgrading from a Thormahlen to a Lyon and Healy 85 Petite harp. Would that be a good upgrade? Thanks. Paul

    unknown-user on #164717

    I owned a Thormahlen Swan (rosewood w/gut strings) which I

    Kathleen Clark on #164718

    I found out I couldn’t play the petite models because of the smaller
    pedal spacing. My feet are real clumsy and I have to wear special
    shoes. So this won’t affect everyone, but it is something to consider.

    unknown-user on #164719

    I also love my Thormahlen harp. I plan to keep it. It is cherry wood and has a beautiful sound. I play the piano and organ and use a lot of chord work. I would like to play more accidentals. Because of size and price, I heard that the 85P was better than Salvi or Venus. I would keep both harps. Thanks so much for your info. Paul

    unknown-user on #164720

    Thanks so much for the info. Paul

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