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    balfour-knight on #218160

    Good to hear from you all, my friends! I even looked at a video of a man playing a Venus Paragon, and it was obvious that there were no discs on the lower two strings. I wonder if the original prototype of this model did indeed have discs on every string, or if sweet Roslyn got it wrong. In any event, her book is wonderful anyway! She personally autographed my copy in 2007, so it is a treasure!

    Have a great day,

    kathy-chanik on #218173

    Oh wow, Brook, sorry to hear about your back issues! I know how much you love that black 30, so I hope it all works out somehow. As far as lifting the lever harps goes, when it’s time to move them you might try just putting a cover over them and strapping them to a dolly (like pedal harpists do) rather than wrangling them in and out of a big case and carrying them around. That’s what I do and it’s so much easier-also very little lifting required.

    I’m down to two Fishers and three Thormahlens, so I’m TRYING to downsize…

    Good luck with that back procedure, being limited to lifting only 10# would be really brutal! Let us all know how you make out with that.

    balfour-knight on #218181

    Dear Brook, I echo what Kathy said about your back issues. You are continually in our thoughts and prayers. Kathy, you still have to get that Camac Canopee that was so gorgeous at the Festival last November, ha, ha!
    Harp Hugs,

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