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    Gretchen Cover

    Has anyone played Love Poem for viola and harp composed by Christopher Lowry? I am trying to find the score. I can’t even find him online to ask about it.

    There is almost no music written for harp and viola. The only piece I have found is Soir D’automne by L. Van Waefelghem. Does anyone know other music with the harp part (or piano if it works on harp) at the intermediate to upper-intermediate. The violist is professional. I have checked all the harp music sites and Sheetmusic Plus.


    The well-known O Holy Night by Adolphe Adam is available published by Herald Music for harp accompanying violin or flute, or viola, or cello, with all these parts included. Harp music specialist dealers such as Lyon and Healy West, Vanderbilt, Sylvia Woods, Melody’s, The Harp Connection and others in the U.S., as well as several in Germany, the UK, and Australia carry Herald Music publications. On another subject, there is a 5-string viola these days, with a top E-string. I have one called the Dahlia model, by Gary Bartig in Minnesota. This enables a violist to tap into much violin literature previously unavailable as long as you can read treble clef. Much high shifting on the viola A string is therefore avoided, and violists may also fill more playing engagements open to violinists, resulting in added income. Mine is excellent in construction, has a beautiful tone, and very reasonably priced. The width of the neck is only minimally wider to accommodate the 5 strings.


    Quincy Porter’s Duo for harp and violin might be a possibility.


    Have thought that Bellini’s “Vaga Luna” for piano and tenor would work VERY well on viola. Would be nice for your situation if the piano part can be moved onto the harp decently or with a little arranging. Score on IMSLP:,_Vincenzo%29

    Drop the voice part down an octave for a viola; that’s where it would sit on a tenor voice.

    Gretchen Cover

    Thank you for the suggestions. I was also told that clarinet music and oboe (if it doesn’t go to high) can be played by viola. The violist said she could transpose violin to viola if it would sound all right.

    Patricia, I will see if the violist knows of the 5-string viola. I do have O, Holy Night (including your arrangement) and other carols for harp/viola but I am looking for non-Christmas music.

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