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    unknown-user on #163485

    For all of you who love Loreena McKennitt’s music, she has some of her music now available on her website (search on Quinlan Road) for sale.

    unknown-user on #163486

    Just to save a few clicks, the direct link is: http://www.quinlanroad.com/newsandviews/currentupdates.asp?id=526 .

    barbara-dixon on #163487

    Even using the link supplied I have been unable to find any sheet music for sale on the Quinlan Road website.

    Allison Stewart on #163488

    It has moved to http://www.quinlanroad.com/pdf/Sheet-Music-Order-Form.pdf

    unknown-user on #163489


    I’ve heard that Loreena is a really good songwriter. What songs of hers would you recommend?

    unknown-user on #163490


    I’m curious about something: I remember that when I started learning harp, I said to my teacher I’d like to accompan my singing with the harp, Loreena McKennitt sort of thing, and she told me “Loreena McKennitt is a great singer but please don’t say that she’s a harpist” so I drop the subject…I mostly know (and like a lot) some old CDs from her, and there’s quite a lot harp, I have never seen her live so I don’t know how good or not good she is on the harp…You’re fans so you know, what do you think?


    janet-king on #163491

    Oh pulleeeeze, I think your teacher, indulging in

    unknown-user on #163492

    Hallo Janet,

    yeah, I know what you mean when you speak of exclusive club and I agree with you, it makes no sense and is not at all how I feel about being a harpist (and I woudn’t fit in the club anyway!). But I’m still curious to know what other harpists think about McKennitt as a harpist, it’s the first time I see her name popping up here, I like her as an artist, expecially as a singer, but I have never seen her playing harp, so I’m just wondering…
    As for my teacher, good point, I haven’t thought about her comment in years…I should ask her about this when I get the chance (we don’t live in the same country anymore), she’s usually open minded and she always encouraged me to do what I do, or not? Hmmm…We have something to talk about I guess…

    tony-morosco on #163493

    +++But I’m still curious to know what other harpists think about McKennitt as a harpist,+++

    I think she is a fine harpist. She doesn’t play with a classical technique so if someone is snobbish about what school of playing they belong to they will probably

    barbara-dixon on #163494

    Of course everyone’s taste in music is different.

    barbara-dixon on #163495

    By the way….thanks very

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #163496

    I believe that Loreena McKennitt has hugely increased the popularity of the harp. She’s one of the few exponents of our instrument whose name is known everywhere among non-harpists and harpists alike. There certainly has been an explosion of interest in the harp in the last twenty years, and I would wager that we owe at least some of this to her successful career. I agree we should not be snobs about whether a harpist plays with this or that technique. The main thing is: do you enjoy the music?

    janet-king on #163497

    Or, as Duke Ellington said, according to Peter Schikele (aka, PDQ Bach), “If it sounds good, it IS good!”

    unknown-user on #163498

    Elizabeth and Janet,

    I agree that some harpists can be overly critical.

    David Ice on #163499

    Hi Janet, Elizabeth, and Jerusha,

    Jerusha, I think you hit the nail on the head.

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