Llety'r Bugail music

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    ruth-landis-hunter on #196335

    Does anyone have the music for Llety’r Bugail or know where I can get it as a PDF? I just got a request for this as a processional, and the wedding is this Sunday. Thanks!

    charles-nix on #196337

    Some internet research shows one edition of that <span class=”biblio_isbn”>ISBN: 9780000178947 (0000178942)</span><span class=”biblio_pub_date”>Publication Date: January 1979 Publisher: Eleri Owen
    </span><span class=”biblio_format”>Format: Paperback, 20 pages</span> <span class=”biblio_language”>Language: Welsh  Out of Print

    Just some thoughts–maybe one will be one you haven’t tried, since your time is short:

    1)Email to Clive Morley Harps — they have a lot of music available for download.

    2)Search for Harpists websites on the internet that list that piece in their repertoire, and email them directly.

    Hope one of these will be something you haven’t tried.



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