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    I love good liner notes. I like learning something more about the pieces on the CD and the instruments being played. Maybe the history of the venue is appropriate if it’s a live recording.

    I was a little disappointed when I got my Rose Window CD that they didn’t mentioned what kind of harp she was playing (make and model please for this harp nerd!) and all that was mentioned about the lute was that it was a descant lute. How does it relate to other lutes? What’s the range? Who’s the luthier? What kid of recorder did they use?

    It’s a little technical to me but I’ve had recordings that mention what kids of mics they use in what kind of recording space. What kinds of things do you like to see on liner notes?

    Sherri Matthew

    Hi Jennifer,
    I like them too. Still working on mine. I guess I like to read about the background of the music and the musicians themselves, how the idea of the album as a collection came about, interesting bits of history or insights on various aspects of a piece or its creation. Also (being a visual artist as well) the artwork that may be included… photos, paintings, line drawings, etc.


    Yes! One of the CDs I just bought is Alison Kinnaird’s The Silver String and it includes a DVD that showcases her glasswork so that was really interesting.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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