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    Audrey Nickel on #162198

    I’ve sent this question off to Muis as well, but since you’ve just finished one…

    My new baby came today, and I already know some of the questions my husband is going to ask:

    Once the sanding and varnishing is complete, and the pegs and other hardware have been installed, does he need to glue the neck/forepillar in place, or does string tension hold it in place?

    Is the goal of sanding just to get things as smooth as possible before applying the finish?

    Liam M on #162199

    Hi Audrey.

    My Bard is touring the USPS right now… If it likes that I might send it on a Fedex tour next year!!

    For yours, String tension holds it all together quite well. You will find an impressive total pressure.

    As to sanding, a lot depends on your final finish. If you are going Danish Oil, you want to go very smooth. I finish with an 800 grit before I go to 0000 steel wool and then a tack cloth it three times, rinsing my tack cloth completely each time. Between DO applications, I hit it with the 0000 steel wool and occasionally do a mineral spirit rub down.

    The soundbaord I left rougher than the body and arch.

    Liam M on #162200

    Zithers!! I recommend against using any power tools to set your zithers and remember to insert them such that you will go in further as you wrap and tighten the string.

    Aslo, be very careful to not get oil or wax into a Zither hole. Those pins are threaded and rely on friction to hold their tension.

    I did a lot of modification in this area, part by intent, I wanted blued pins), and part in recovery from a mistake that I made.

    I would suggest you take a block of hardwood, cherry if you can find it, and practice with a Zither until you get used to them.

    Audrey Nickel on #162201

    That’s a good idea (practicing setting the pins with a block of hardwood).

    Liam M on #162202

    Ahhhh Audrey you made me feel good!! I finally have discovered a benefit to my lack of playing ability!! I can destroy a tune on either shoulder!!

    Actually though, I went to the left shoulder sometime back, just more comfortable to me.

    Audrey Nickel on #162203

    I actually had Tony hold the neck/pillar assemply in place last night while I held the harp in different positions and “imagined” where the strings would fall, and I don’t think the orientation of the neck is going to matter very much.

    Liam M on #162204

    I DO’d the cutouts in a dark walnut which set them off nicely. The rest is Natural DO.

    Audrey Nickel on #162205

    Hmmm…”Dancing Fingers”

    Liam M on #162206

    Go raibh math agat!!

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