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    jessica-russell on #142863

    I am searching for a new harp bench and am interested in the Lyon and Healy Artist Bench. However, I searched on harp.com and discovered that this bench is not listed anymore. Does anyone know of a harp store in the U.S. that still carries this bench? And I am really curious why this bench is no longer available. In my area, it is very common among harpists.

    Gretchen Cover on #142917

    Just because the harp bench doesn’t show up on a website doesn’t mean it is not available. Call Lyon-Healy or send an email asking about the bench.

    richard-hagan on #143226

    Hi Jessica —

    You might want to explore having a bench made to order. I can recommend both BBR Woodworks and Paul Jansen Piano benches. They both make very nice benches and can work to match the finish of your harp. From Paul Jansen I recommend that you look at the Petite Artist Bench. The size of it is really nice for harpists. The adjustment mechanism that they use is really excellent quality. You might even be able to find one that you like at a local piano dealer. Both BBR and Jansen can work with fabric or leather that you provide.

    Their URLs are:



    Gretchen Cover on #143234

    I believe harp benches are higher than a piano bench. I have an adjustable bench for a grand piano and it will not go up high enough to use with my harp.It caused shoulder problems when I tried to use it. It’s important if you play the pedal harp to have your bench up high or you risk shoulder, hip and/or back problems. My bench is set at almost 22 inches high in back, 21″ in front. It slopes downward from back to front. I am 5’7″.

    Check measurements carefully if you buy a bench not offered by the harp manufacturer. Someone can correct me if I am wrong on this,but I think Lyon-Healy and Salvi benches are the same. I don’t know what Ayoma, Venus or Camac offer for benches.

    BTW, I just checked out the Virginia Harp Center website under “accessories.” They carry Lyon-Healy artist benchs, gig benches and other benches. The LH bench goes up to 22″, gig bench 23″.

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