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    frank-pianki on #156110

    Could anyone recommend any training lasses for lever harp regulation in Indiana (online or in person)? I have a copy of “Trouble shooting your harp” but I’d also be interested in any college courses, workshops, youtube videos , DVD’s and/or hands-on apprenticeships. thanks Frank

    patricia-jaeger on #156111

    Frank, either put the name Karen Rokos into your search engine, or go to

    frank-pianki on #156112

    Who is the certification body? Is it L&H? I hear this term Certified Harp Tech. quite often but I’m unclear as to whether there is one certification body or numerous…similar to accreditation in universities. thanks!

    william-weber on #156113

    What is your objective, Frank? To become a go-to tech who can regulate levers for others? I would expect that to entail a study of the half dozen or so different levers: Performance, Camac, Loveland, Jordan, Universal, and so on. And you’ll have to ask each customer how old the harp is because if it’s not settled yet they may be wasting money.

    A certification body may be connected to a school for luthiers who make harps. You might, however, especially if you ask L&H, end up with the certification body for those who regulate pedal actions, with their discs and forks, a bit overkill for an aspiring lever technician.

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