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    I have been learning harp for about a year. I am a poor sight

    reader. I find myself trying to improve my sight reading by playing

    Sylvia Wood’s A books or taking a month to learn a difficult piece

    and memorizing it so I have something nice to playand have a small

    repertoire. I feel as if I am not making any measurable progress in

    any area this way. Is there any suggestion to accomplish both. Any

    method or structure in practice that will help. Feeling quite

    discouraged. Thanks for your help.


    hey must not be discouraged. Are you learning with an actual teacher or just from the Woods tutor? if you have a teacher, then talk to them and say how you feel. he/she is bound to have some advice for you. to me you sound diligent and hardworking and you sound as if you are striving to play to the best of your ability; please rember that well feel that way at some point. if you ever feel frustrated play some chords and arpeggios, you know, “fluff” and remind yourself why you started playing in the first place, play a piece you know well or just simply walk off, read a magazine or have a coffee.i feel discouraged sometmes as well, but I find this is often causedd by thinking too deeply about what other people think.please keep us posted as to how you are gettting on. chin up !


    For whatever it is worth I am in the same boat with you.


    Don’t worry! Nobody can sight-read well when they are still beginning an instrument.

    Good sight-reading comes from having excellent muscle memory, so that you can look

    right at the page and not look back and forth at your hands.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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