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    Daniel ODonnell

    I recently saw on some YouTube videos a small 40″ harp 26 strings fully levered in “Gothic” shape, made by Klangschiff in Germany. Have any of you seen / handled / heard / owned one, and can you tell me about them? Many thanks!


    Folk Harpie

    Hi Daniel, I’ve been searching on You Tube the harp you’re referring to, but I didn’t fund anything under the name of Klangschiff harp. Do you remember the exact title of the video? I’d like to know more about this harp, since the name sounds totally new to me.


    Could you please post the link to that Youtube video? I’ve been searching for videos and music clips of Klangschiff harps forever to no avail (besides the three sample tracks on the official website).

    I don’t have first-hand information on the Klangschiff harps, but I’ll share what little information I have. Most of the following information are in German. I could barely read them through Google translations. If you know German or someone who does, it might be your best bet to directly contact the people below for their opinions.

    There’s an old webpage regarding an interview with the harp maker Lutz Bönisch. The page seems to be down at the moment though…

    The story teller Brigitta Wortmann plays an Athanasos harp by Klangschiff.

    On the German harp forum ( Alithe posted about testing several Klangschiff harps. She now owns an Athanasos model. In the same thread, another poster, Frenja, owns a Barden model (the “neo-Gothic” that you’re interested in). Both are happy owners.

    Karstilo from the same forum posted about purchasing a used Matia Mou model from a private seller. The harp was made in the 90’s but held up well. Sadly the shipping process ruined the harp and the harp broke even further when the shipping company took the harp back to their warehouse to “inspect the damage” for the insurance claim. Karstilo once posted photos of the damages, but he has since taken them down. From the detailed photos (as an amateur) I could tell the harp was well constructed and finished.


    Youtube video of the Athanasos model:

    She has several more harp videos on her channel page. I believe she’s the same person as the poster Alithe on the German harp forums.


    I tried several. Very nice harps.

    “Gothic” is very good. Much more of a sound than you would expect for this size. Very cozy shape and good respond to the fingers. 100% YES


    Hey, “Karstilo from the same forum” … – thats me :-)

    You can see photos from the first generation of the Matia-Mou harp with 36 strings here:

    Greetings from germany, Karstilo

    Daniel ODonnell

    Thank you all, although I am late to reply!

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