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    jordan-thomas on #147688

    Hello all,

    I just wanted your opinion on this topic

    What is the right single movement of a concerto to do for a concerto competition going up against other insturment besides harp? I had the pleasure of doing one this summer, playing the Debussy dances. Of course I was up again BIG solo rep for violin, cello, viola, flute, trumpet, french horn, ect. You name it, they played it. So what are your thoughts?

    patricia-jaeger on #147689

    Jordan, is there a time limitation? Neither the Introduction and Allegro by Ravel, nor the Aria in Classic Style by Grandjany are formally called “concertos” but these composers did not write an actual concerto for harp. However these works should serve as such in a competition, as long as the timing fits the guidelines set by the judges. Or you could shorten your presentation.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #147690

    The first movement of the Ginastera Concerto comes immediately to mind. The first movement of Salzedo’s Concerto for Harp and Seven Winds is another. The Dohnanyi Concertino is in one movement, so you might be able to play it all, and it show off versatility and musicality as well as technique. Dussek’s Concertos can also be impressive, and several have major first movements. But it all depends on how you play, in the end.

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