Josh Layne has started a youtube weekly video series and demonstrates amazing pedaling

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    kreig-kitts on #157933

    I took his comment in the video to mean he was showing how some sloppy harpists might play, exaggerating it for emphasis. It reminded me of some amateur videos of players with poor technique. I didn’t take it as a did at non-Salzedo technique but rather a demonstration of generally sloppy technique.

    Regardless, I think these are overall a good thing and I’d welcome videos by harp teachers showing either basics like tuning and string changing or playing technique. Even someone with a good teacher would enjoy something like a video of trill techniques they can pause and replay at home, with close-ups and angles that demonstrate it clearly, maybe even using slow motion.

    Tacye on #157934

    Thank you for the suggestion to google French Harpist…

    The foot ready for a pedal change is probably my favourite bit of this one!

    jessica-wolff on #157935

    Reminds me of an illustration in the Biography of P.D.Q. Bach.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #157936

    I detected no snideness to his comments. I think you are projecting that attribute. If he were being snide, it would be far more obvious, like calling people who play that way incompetent or something derogatory.

    You are trying to

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