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    unknown-user on #165845

    Hello everyone. I just found this website. It’s so

    alexander-rider on #165846

    Oh Kelsea. I am completely HEAD OVER HEALS in love with Joanna Newsom!! Check out my blogs and you see!!….

    unknown-user on #165847

    That is so amazing!!!

    What is your harp story?

    I think that Joanna’s music could pretty much make flowers grow. What’s your favourite song??

    alexander-rider on #165848

    Well, she’s done a lot of new stuff. I was there the first time she performed ‘Emily’, so I will always love that one. But my very favourite is ‘Sawdust and diamonds’. Its breathtaking! She creates this whole, weird, dramtic soundscape. If you want to hear any of these songs; go here

    unknown-user on #165849

    Oh, that is one of my favourite songs!!

    I know that website back to front, hahaha but thank you anyways!

    You seem to be as obsessive as I am. It’s wonderful to talk with you because most people haven’t even heard of her and it’s such a shame. She is amazing. I am working on creating my own style of playing, like she has done.

    Where did you see her?

    Aimsy W on #165850

    Oooh! Another Newsom fan! How very exciting.. 🙂

    I’m dying to hear her play live – would love to see how it transfers from CD to concert venue! Don’t think she comes over to England very often though 🙁

    Her harp parts seem really quite simple, yet hugely effective. I worked out ‘The Sprout and the Bean’ from just watching the video on repeat… You can see the strings quite clearly

    unknown-user on #165851


    Christine on #165852

    Yes – I love her!

    jennifer-buehler on #165853

    I think either you like it or you don’t.

    Christine on #165854

    Great opinion!

    By the way, if anyone is interested I know a great website where you can get harp transcriptions of sheet music for all of Joanna’s Songs.

    jennifer-buehler on #165855


    Christine on #165856

    I can’t remember the website off by heart but if you send me a email then I’ll have a look in my list of links

    Michael H on #165857

    Currently, Joanna is my favorite artist. I hope she releases a new album soonish! But it’ll be hard to top Ys.

    I really love the way she plays harp what with all the polyrhythms and such!

    Samantha E. on #165858

    This is the website:

    Unfortunately, the transcriber took down the music for the meantime. Supposedly it’ll be back soon. If you have any requests, some of his transcriptions are floating around on my computers. If I have what you want I’ll gladly e-mail it to you!

    Jerusha Amado on #165859


    How do you get your computer to highlight text in color?

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