Jan/Feb issue HarpColumn—-anyone receive yet?

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    karen on #214171

    Wondering if anyone has received their Jan/Feb 2018 issue of HarpColumn. My Nov/Dec one never arrived, and now I am wondering about this one.
    Thank you.

    charles-nix on #214223

    My Jan/Feb arrived yesterday. (Jan 16).

    Donna O on #214228

    Mine also arrived yesterday.

    karen on #214242

    Thank you Charles and Donna….mine will be here in no time then! Looking forward to it (as always..such a great publication!).

    Harp Column Staff on #214248

    We had a slight delay at the printer this month, which is why the Jan/Feb issue arrived a bit later than usual. Thank you all for your understanding!

    Sonya Wiley on #214257

    Mine just arrived a minute ago, thought it was lost in a snowbank on the way to Florida!

    phs on #214332

    Thanks for the update. Mine has yet to reach the snowy back hills of VT. Something to look forward to.

    phs on #214395

    Still waiting in the now icy hills of VT. Is anyone else still waiting?

    karen on #214533

    January 26th and still waiting in California (responding to phs) so it is not only VT! Some of my other CA harp friends have not received theirs either, while other have.

    phs on #214854

    Still waiting in VT. I hope CA is having better luck.

    karen on #215127

    Update….the Jan/Feb issue arrived Feb. 16th. It was in perfect condition. My friend that lives an hour from me received hers on the same day. Seems like many others received their issue in mid-January.

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