Is There a String Doctor in the House?

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    rod-c on #163468


    I know there have been plenty of posts here about changing strings, but

    bernhard-schmidt on #163469


    the gut string did break..and you have a substitute c nylon (also 2nd oktave)
    In this case you cant make very much wrong. The nylon string sounding different than gut but after a day it becomes more clear.
    If you dont have used a 2nd octave c nylon…but a other one with different diameters…than there might be a problem.

    Hope it helpes


    rod-c on #163470

    Thank you, Barnard.

    Fairy Reel on #163471

    Hey Rod, been there done that.

    When I got my first harp, it came with a complete set of nylon replacements–and no labels. So we got to play the guessing game. We also didn’t know how to change the string. Hello, internet.

    Unfortunately, changing a string is like riding a horse: if you have no experience, then someone’s going to get hurt.

    I suggest either a) asking your teacher to show you how to tie and change a string or b) ask a sympathetic harpist in your area. It’s easiest if seen done.

    Also, when I first changed my first string, since I didn’t know how to do it, we did it

    barbara-brundage on #163472

    Rod, did you put a string anchor in before putting the string on the harp?

    unknown-user on #163473

    Or, if the knot is not resting against the harp, if there is some complication in the knotting, that could perhaps interfere; or it could be a defective string, or not a good one. Being crisp and clear are just the advantages of nylon over gut, if you want that. It may also be the way you are playing it, nylon requiring a different touch than gut. Try playing that string more easily, less pressure and see if that helps any.

    rod-c on #163474


    Thank you for all the expert advice! I really appreciate it. I got the nylon string on and got it tuned.

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