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    Sharon O on #156936

    I’m an advanced beginning/low intermediate harpist and just discovered this forum – how fun to read thoughts and tips from other harp lovers! Anyway, the other day I was putting together a list of my pieces, along with the key they’re in and how many levers to throw, and there it was:

    [i]That[/i] piece!

    “Lark on the Strand” or “Trip to Sligo” – I really like the melody, but it is just an irritating piece to play! It just has this awful tendency to make me buzz a lot (even my teacher said she has trouble with buzzing with that piece!) I’m about ready to toss it out of my repertoire, but my repertoire is already so slim …

    So anyway, it just made me wonder – do any other harpists here have a piece that they like but is just irritating to play?

    Sharon O on #156937

    (ps – I’m new here – can we edit our posts? I don’t see an edit button. I was trying to put italics on a word, but it didn’t work, so I wanted to edit out the italics tag. )

    catherine-rogers on #156938

    You can’t edit your posts, but you can preview them in case you wish to edit before you post.

    barbara-brundage on #156939

    And use html instead of bbcode ( the < symbols instead of brackets).

    Sharon O on #156940

    thank you! :-)

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