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    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #255703

    If you use an ipad to perform from, what happens if it falls off of its stand, as music will often do? Can you just pick it up and resume what you are doing, or will it be broken? What do you do if there’s a software glitch, or someone steals it from, say, backstage? I certainly would have nightmares about such things happening.

    Gretchen Cover on #255713

    Never had any of what you mentioned happen in 8 years of using an iPad. Why make a problem where none exists?

    PS Do you leave your music unattended on a music stand? I never did. Same goes with an iPad. It stays with me at all times in a carry bag. Just like my sheet music did:)

    Philippa mcauliffe on #255714

    Hasn’t happened to me yet in 5 years and I am clumsy. Used to drop sheet music quite a lot. It doesn’t fall off unless you knock the entire stand over! Too heavy to flutter around like sheet music even with clothes pegs all over it. But I still do take hard copies to any performance just in case it dies a death. You simply can’t beat it for editing and marking up the score easily and for page turns.

    emma-graham on #255818

    I’ve used one for years now. It’s never fallen. It HAS been knocked off the stand once (onto the harp) during a wedding by the bride’s father – who immediately assured me he would pay for the iPad if it was damaged!! It was during the actual ceremony so I had to smile sweetly, compose myself, continue playing and check the harp later. It was fine thank goodness. I made a point of telling him that as I left….and pointing out that he was lucky he didn’t have any harp damage to pay for……🤬🤬
    Most iPad stands are metal and the case is magnetic. I changed my case after this incident and it would be really hard now for it to come off the stand. I actually managed to catch both the stand and the iPad case but the iPad itself fell out because of the way the case was designed. It couldn’t happen now.
    I use a foot pedal to turn pages so there’s no risk of me knocking it off with an over enthusiastic page turn!!
    I wouldn’t leave it anywhere to get stolen. It stays in my bag which stays with me.
    Tech. issues have never happened. I’m still using my original iPad Pro – first generation. It’s never let me down. Do I trust it to never fail? No!!! I have a file of paper music that lives in my car just in case.
    Because I’m paranoid. 🤪

    Alison on #255821

    It smashes into your soundboard which then needs replacing and is a major repair. Caveat Emptor.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #256026

    Why ask for possible trouble that doesn’t have to exist in the first place? Pencil and eraser can’t be beat for markings. And the craft of page turning is fun to learn. And no distractions for the audience, no intrusions of technology in an analog art.

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