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    ruth-harper on #186269

    This article is well worth the time to read. Very interesting.

    God bless – PTL

    Sylvia on #186317

    It’s long, but it’s well worth reading. Thank you for posting this.
    Wow. What a journey he’s had. I had no idea perfect pitch leaves people, and I wonder why that would bother someone while playing because you’re hearing what you play. It’s amazing that his hearing seems to still be good…didn’t look like he had hearing aids.
    That was very poignant…seeing both Elster and Levine in their wheelchairs.
    I notice the stagehand remembered him because he “lugged his harp all over the place.” Sure glad someone did.
    Interesting to see the harp used in the Wagner, and that they play off the same part used for decades.

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