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    HBrock25 on #166257

    I know that many students have posted questions about harp teachers on the university level, but I have sorted through some of those and have not found enough information about a few colleges and teachers that I am looking at. I have the option to visit one school and need help in narrowing down which one it will be.

    catherine-rogers on #166258

    I know Marian Shaffer, and she is a wonderful person and an excellent harpist. She really cares about her students.

    amanda-acosta on #166259

    I Suggest you look them up on-line, look at what they’ve done etc. and see if what they do, their style of playing, repertoire… match what YOU want to do.

    There are many excellent harp teachers out there, but an excellent teacher for someone else doesn’t necessarily equate to an excellent teacher for you.

    I also suggest sending them an e-mail, get in touch with them personally, ask them questions about their department and themselves. It’ll give you a much better view of who your going to be dealing with for the next 4-5 years.

    Best of Luck

    catherine-rogers on #166260

    Some people recommend taking a private lesson with a teacher to see if you are comfortable with that person’s teaching style. Sounds sensible.

    HBrock25 on #166261

    I have researched most of these teachers online and am already familiar with their backgrounds….but most of the time, this tiny sample of who they are is simply not enough.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #166262

    Those are probably all good choices. You might add the Universities of Texas, Michigan,

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