I’m going to Chicago to see the harp factories soon!

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    Good for you Sherry!

    Get the word out there, people will come up with all kinds of jobs for you.

    Watch your paper for any opportunity to offer your harp services.

    I am a beginner but played at two funerals and if I was in the market. I would be contacting the funeral homes in my area.

    Weddings, art shows, churches, parties etc.

    Get your name out there. Schools, Rotary and other meetings are always looking for speakers. They would love to hear about the harp and listen to you play.

    The opportunities are endless.

    Maybe even play at local community events like markets and local malls that you could just put a hat out for donations.

    Our little town just had a Ladies Night Out with several girly stores open late. I thought it would be nice to have a harpist, even if it was for donations.

    My son went to a Senior Prom/Dinner at a Christian School and raved about the atmosphere. He said the only thing that would have made the event better is if I was there playing the harp while they ate.

    It seems there is always church dinners, Ladies church meetings, etc that would love you to play and would take a free will donation for you.

    Good Luck!


    There are small things you can do to improve one’s credit, like applying for a Macy’s card and paying the bill on time, or try a Discover card.

    You should take the factory tour before you buy a harp. You would be overwhelmed, I think, and less able to make a wise choice. And you want to go when they have a good selection of used harps. Such as now, there are, I think, three style 15s at Lyon & Healy, which would be excellent for you. Getting some exposure to many harps, finding what it is like to try a lot of them, will give you a better sense of what to do when shopping to buy. La Luce is a little pricey, but good. You should have at least $25 on you, in case you need a taxi or something, just keep it concealed.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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