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    Owosso Harpist

    year I tried to go on a day trip to the harp factories in Chicago, but
    it never worked out due to Indian Trails buses doing just normal bus runs where one goes and ends up spending the night at unfamiliar places in Chicago before going out sight seeing the next day. But thanks to Indian Trails’ new offerings of express services
    to Chicago, now I can! 🙂 This will be the first time I ever been to the
    harp factories in Chicago. I’ve never been to them before. This is going
    to be one exciting time for me. Does anyone remember the first time ever
    visiting the W&W Venus and Lyon & Healy harp factories in Chicago? What was it like and what was
    your favorite part of the experience you had going there for the first



    Owosso Harpist

    To be honest, I don’t want to see myself going over to Chicago without
    cash to buy a great harp over there at the factories. I rather see
    myself affording to go over there and play the wonderful harps they have
    over there, pick a harp I’ll love to own, pay for it, and leave the
    factories a happy woman knowing that I’m now the proud owner of a great
    concert grand harp. Since I discovered that Indian Trails is doing
    express services to Chicago without limits, I can go on day trips to
    Chicago and see the harps at the factories as much as I want. Even
    during the summer months when I don’t have any performances scheduled
    for that time.

    A. Riley

    Where’s the Indian Trails bus depot? If it’s downtown, you can easily hop on the Green Line el, which would take you close to the L&H factory. The Venus factory would be on the Grand Avenue bus line. Neither one is in the silk-stocking district.

    Don’t carry cash. It’s not a good idea to carry that much cash anywhere, but carrying that much cash on the el or the bus is *seriously* not a good idea.

    Owosso Harpist

    I’ll have to ask the bus office for that one. Great advice on carrying cash. If I have cash, it’ll be either at home or in my credit union and paypal account. Definitely not with me when I go to Chicago.


    I loved going to the L&H harp factory… the tour (which I believe they only give at noon on Fridays) was fascinating, and the harp showroom is amazing. The showroom is my favorite because you can play any or all of the harps!


    A friend told me there is a nice restaurant across the street from Lyon & Healy. You could have lunch there.

    Owosso Harpist

    Ok. I talked to the bus station in my hometown and they said the 2 bus stations in Chicago is located at Union Station and 95th & Dan Ryan. Union Station is very close to where the harp factories are at. Which means I can get off the bus at Union Station and head over to the harp factories by the city’s taxi or another bus.

    Owosso Harpist

    Due to Indian Trails departure and arrival schedules the time while
    visiting Chicago will be constraint; I may have to skip the tour of the
    Lyon & Healy harp factory when I want to go visit both Venus and
    L&H factories and spend a lot of hours getting to know all the harps
    there. Next trip I’ll be sure to tour the harp factory.

    Owosso Harpist

    Update: I decided to cancel the trip until further notice. All day long since yesterday I’ve been agonizing over wanting a harp at those factories. I
    can’t see myself going over there and coming out empty handed. Come to
    think of it, it would be better for me just to stay home. I’d rather spend hours without
    constraints at the factories playing and eventually buying one of the
    harps they have. It’ll be better for me to hold off on the trip until I’m better
    ready for it and have the affordability to buy a harp there.


    Oh Sherry, I so wish you would just enjoy the journey! Having a new harp is just one step in the journey, I know it seems like the ultimate but really it is just a step.

    Even if you had the money, it might take several trips to play and think and play and think. Then make the purchase.

    Enjoy looking and dreaming!

    Enjoy the harp you have, enjoy each gig you have. The more gigs, the more money. Every day is a step.

    Enjoy the process!


    Yes, let’s not forget food on a trip to Chicago! Catherine is right about the restaurant across the street from L&H. I don’t know the name of it (it’s in a red brick bldg.), but their food is phenomenal, served with fresh, homemade hot bread.

    If I ever make another trip back to L&H, I will definitely include a stop at that restaurant!


    Rod C.


    The restaurant is called La Luce. It’s delicious, and the prices are reasonable, too!


    Owosso Harpist

    Don’t worry. I will eventually go to Chicago and see the wonderful harp factories and visit that restaurant across from Lyon & Healy you guys talked about. Have to get myself fully prepared first. I have to find a friend I can trust who knows Chicago inside and out who’ll go with me, and raise lots of money to go on a bus ride to Chicago, find an excellent, affordable 5 star hotel, and spend long, happy hours at both factories getting to know both the people and the wonderful harps behind them.

    Owosso Harpist

    I have been enjoying the journey right up until the financial ordeal
    that wouldn’t allow me to finance a harp because of little credit. Things may seem hopeless, but I’m not giving up one bit. There will be
    changes made and I can finally be able afford a pedal harp. This week, if
    it all works out, I’m going to publish an article in my local newspaper
    about My Harp Story and updates to my financial ordeal. I’ll get more
    help and support in raising money to afford a pedal harp that way. Believe me, I will enjoy the journey once more when the whole ordeal gets completely resolved.

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