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    Liam M on #108344

    And some may not like it, but then there have been occurrences here which I do not like.

    is a tragedy that all too often we are not as lovely as the instruments
    we play.

    Maria Myers on #108345

    I say again that you gave the harpist with that strange post asking for money some excellent advice, but she said nothing about being willing to take your advice.

    holly-kemble on #108346

    Does anyone remember the New Yorker cartoon about the Internet? In the frame, two dogs are talking to each other (this is a New Yorker cartoon after all!). One dog is sitting at a desk in front of a computer and says: “On the Internet, they don’t know you’re a dog!”

    I’m not convinced that the post asking for money to buy a Venus Encore was really going to be used for purchasing a harp. Maybe that makes me cynical, but I prefer giving money to people I know or to causes that I can confirm.

    Jessica A on #108347

    We’re all coming from

    Liam M on #108348


    I most certainly did and with what I feel to be good cause. Some of the derogatory comments that were offered concerning the Mid East harps were totally uncalled for, snobbish and in very poor taste.

    As were some of the comments responding to the young lady’s request for funding. Note, I did not and have not advocated donating to her. It is not at all about “Giving her money”

    Liam M on #108349

    I share your cynicism Holly.

    I object to the manner in which some handled this affair, not in anyone withholding funding.

    Owosso Harpist on #108350

    Thank you for standing up for me, Liam. As a matter of fact I did print out the letter and showed it to my supports coordinator at Mental Health. Her name is Nicola Martin and she saw what I wrote and asked me questions about what I did, the lessons I took, and about my struggles for the harp. She says she’s sorry for all the pointed barbs I got from this site and asks would I settle for a compromise in renting a harp. I responded I would but the problem is I can only rent the harp on a limited bases which lasts for a few months to up to two years. I also showed her my photos of me when I used to rent Gilligan my L&H style 15 pedal harp I rented from Michigan Harp Center as well. She asks if she can make a copy of the article for reference and I told her to go ahead and if she wants, she can go and showed this to DJ Root, one of the employers whose in charge with employment and skills training. I would’ve showed this to my church pastor, but I haven’t got a chance to do it, yet.

    Maria Myers on #108351


    I recommend that you give this topic a rest!

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #108352

    I think that naming a harp after Gilligan, the hapless sailor, is asking for trouble, perhaps? After all, they never got off the island because of his ineptitude….

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #108353

    Just one last thing. Sherry, it was very brave and commendable of you to tell us that you have a Mental Health Counselor. You are, in fact, fortunate to have help, which not everyone does, and not everyone will admit to needing or wanting.

    william-weber on #108354

    Harp Column Magazine Forum may not be the right place for non-orchestral players. Some users here, such as Miss Evans, are not interested in playing a pedal harp, or much of anything far from “Brian Boru’s March” or “Londonderry Air”, but their questions will be read by harpists who play in “Nutcracker” and “Planets” and other such. That is all well when discussing study or technique, but undue emphasis may fall upon their choice of instrument. To write “when you want to move up to tunes with modulation you will need a harp with levers that work” is one thing, but to say “your harp-shaped object will ruin your studies and should be sold to a local Irish pub for a wall ornament” will fail to convince, may only alienate.

    Owosso Harpist on #108355


    Karen Johns on #108356

    Hmmm….so these forums may not be the right place for non-orchestral players, eh? Boy, I wish I would have known that long before I wasted time here. Maybe there should be a billboard across the top of the home page stating this fact.

    So does this also mean that Beginning In The Middle should only accept orchestral harpists as well? Maybe the moderators or this forum should delete that entire topic as well.LOL

    But all that sarcasm aside, I believed from the beginning that the harp column forums were meant to be an eclectic mix of all harpers/harpists,and all the various types of harps have been discussed here as well. I myself have gleaned all sorts of useful information here, and for that I am truly grateful. God Bless all the great teachers and harpists here who do take the time to give constructive criticism to all us newbies. :-)

    Liam, you and I have discussed this before- the attitudes and sometimes downright snobbery we’ve encountered on these forums, and not always from pedal/orchestral harpists either. That being said, however….

    I would like to take your pledge, Liam, I really would. But that would mean not being able to defend those who would still inevitably get snubbed or disparaged due to their choice of instrument/music/whatever. I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t speak out against those types of verbal attacks. Sorry. But I have nothing but admiration for your heartfelt and well-put post. Peace be with you, my friend, and I promise I will try to be as nice as possible. Really. ;-)

    And for the earlier post on “our beloved president”, again, I am sorry, but LOL!! Please don’t refer to him in the “our” sense. He may be your “beloved” but he is certainly not mine. Best to keep that reference to the political forums, IMO. It really has no place when discussing harps.


    catherine-rogers on #108357

    I thought you meant the president of the American Harp Society! Guess I have a one-track mind!

    Liam M on #108358

    As always Karen, you are the consummate lady.

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