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    susan-ash on #156000

    I’ve been taking lessons for about 2 years, and in the past year have played at casual events such as small parties and various church events.

    kreig-kitts on #156001

    That doesn’t really sound like an insult to me, though maybe the tone could make it such. I’d take it as a descriptive remark and just say “Yes, they come in all sizes. It’s very easy to carry around.”

    tony-morosco on #156002

    I was thinking the same thing as Kreig. Basically just comment that yes, they come in all sizes and that the smaller sized ones can often do the job and are easier to transport.

    Put it into practical terms that make the size an practical advantage and they will get it.

    mike-c on #156003

    You could tell a little fib and say that you would use a large harp but it might be too loud for the venue.

    angel-zhao on #156004

    I agree with what Kreig and Tony said. Reading the quote on its own doesn’t seem offensive. Was the tone condescending? Other points you may offer if the person seems interested: the earliest harps were all small harps no matter the origin; harps also come in many different types for different music such as lever, single/double action pedal, wire strung, cross strung, double strung, triple strung, Paraguayan, bray, etc.; if you aim to obtain a larger harp in the future, say something about as you progress, your harp will “grow” with you.

    susan-ash on #156005

    I appreciate your comments!

    Sometimes the statement is made objectively which is understandable if all you have seen is a pedal harp on TV.

    Tacye on #156006

    They are just displaying their own ignorance – not an efficient way of being patronising.

    kay-lister on #156007

    When you think that MOST people who have ever seen a harp, have seen only a glimpse of one in an orchestra whether in person, or TV, or in books, it is understandable that they (out of shear lack of knowledge) ask about the size or type of harp.

    kay-lister on #156008

    Me again,

    If you are looking for that little one line answer for someone that is just throwing a little dig at you . . . just tell them “Well there you are, you’ve learned something new today”.

    K ;-)

    andy-b on #156009

    I play both a 34 string lever harp and a concert grand pedal harp, and many times when I’ve had the concert grand out somewhere, I’ve had people say “I didn’t know harps were that big!”

    deb-l on #156010

    People tend to think that pedal harpists take the instrument more seriously when in fact there is just as much skill (just a different kind) in playing a mid sized lever harp well.

    Gretchen Cover on #156011

    I would be flattered that someone paid attention to your music and harp.

    Sid Humphreys on #156012


    It happens to ALL of us at some point, even with pedal harps! I had a passer by comment to me that her “cousin play the harp as well… but it’s a much bigger one.”

    My harp is a Style 23 concert grand! *sigh* Bless her heart!

    jennifer-buehler on #156013


    barbara-brundage on #156014

    Yes, what Sid said! When I gigged on a 23 I didn’t hear it any less often than I do with a Thormahlen. People are just clueless. There’s nothing to do but smile, nod, and go on with what you were doing. As Ray Pool so wisely said, “People don’t want to be educated–they want to be right.”

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