How to go about renting a harp for an event in Cheshire, England?

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    My friend is getting married on the 31st of October at Hollin Hall in Cheshire in the north of England, and I have been asked to play the harp at her wedding. The problem is that we live in Norway, and I really do not want to bring any of my harps with me because I don’t have a flight case for either of them, and they are both too big to buy an extra seat for it. So I was thinking maybe I could rent one instead? But I have no idea how to go about renting a harp in another country or who to ask. Can anyone here please help point me in the right direction?


    What sort of harp?


    There are various harp shops in the UK who might rent but I’m not sure if any would do a short term rental. Google Morley Harps, Pilgrim harps and Telynau Teifi. First off I would contact the venue. They may well have harpists who play there regularly and who may be willing to lend/rent you a harp for the day. There are also a few harps available to rent on a short term basis here:


    Thank you, Emma! I’ll ask the bride to contact the venue and ask about that, that was a great idea! I’ll also check out that link you gave me.

    Tacye, I’m looking for a large lever harp or a pedal harp with a nice warm, clear tone. I would prefer a lever harp because that’s the string tension I’m used to, but adjusting to pedal harp tension shouldn’t be too hard for me even though it’s been a couple of years since I last played one.


    you could seek out a teacher or amateur player willing to lend you a lever harp for the afternoon, unfortunately I am in the South. The nearest shop is probably the Early Music Shop in Bradford, perhaps your host could investigate.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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